Career Networking Day 2014 Recruitment

Dear all,

Career Networking Day (CND) is an annual event focused on matching Vietnamese university undergraduates with exciting career/internship opportunities in Singapore. This year, Career Networking Day 2014 is jointly organized by NUS, SMU and NTU. All sub-teams are mixed between students from 3 universities and VNNTU will be in charge of Program Team.

We are seeking committed members to join the Organizing team for this year event! Expect to broaden your network with like-minded fellows from other universities as well as professionals from various industries and gain valuable experience.

Expected commitment period: Jan 13 (beginning of sem 2) – March 14

ARE YOU THE RIGHT ONE FOR US? If yes, fill in this form NOW and we’ll contact you as soon as possible.

For further information, you could visit the website of last year event at or contact Tran Dang Quang Vinh via email

Deadline: 23h59, November 22th 2013

Registration form: